Kreate with Us

Planning and setting up a live event requires quite a lot of time and expertise and can be very challenging sometimes. Well, today is your lucky day.

At Kabann, ranging from the biggest (see public) to the smallest (see private) events, we make our best to provide you with a 100% genuine and high quality service, featuring a diversity of equipment, various professional and artistic collaborators as well as a varsity of options, hence giving you the opportunity to focus on other aspects of the event or party you are throwing. Stress-free, innovative, creative, dynamic let’s turn your vision into reality.

Here’s what we offer:

booK our services


Pianists, 4 pieces, a 10-men band extravaganza and even DJ’s we do it all, with a wide variety of influences. Whether you’re after a piano lounge vibe or an 80’s Eurobeat bender, we’ve got the perfect fit for it.


From weddings, corporate functions, private events to birthdays, and even romantic serenades on the beach it’s all live! We’ll make you melt or set fire to the dance floor. Either ways, it all takes place in front of your very eyes.


Let’s hear you out? We provide you with a professional consulting service, helping you in planning your live music show just the way you want it. From the dress code, to the venue, and the last song of the evening, we’ll make sure to help bring your idea to life and stick to it.


Souvenirs Memories We can not only help you create but also capture them all. Hire and work with our best designers, video makers and photographers and get a lifetime souvenir of your daughter’s or son’s marriage to the birth of your grandchildren.


Already got the staff last minute troubles no or faulty equipment? Don’t worry! Whatever the event, book a meeting or give us a quick call and we’ll help you out.