Meet Kabann

KABANN is a locally-based promotional agency involved in the entertainment field. Open-minded to new talent and styles of music, unique in its own way, KABANN is a breath of fresh air featuring a vast musical collective, exploring and combining diverse genres of music including jazz, funk, rock, blues and others.

From studio music production, event organization, live sessions to sound engineering and counselling, KABANN holds a copious portfolio of well-known artists, starring recurrent names like Jocelyn Cartier, Anne Ga, EvaD amongst others.

KABANN is the agency to keep track of, follow and perhaps even collaborate with.

Meet the direktor



Simply put, Kabann is a musical collective exploring and combining diverse genres of music. Our primary aim is to encourage artists in doing what they know best performing their arts and putting a smile on people’s faces, while earning a living from it. Empowering young talents and creating opportunities to more than 30 artists, at Kabann, we are gradually converging to a new era. Kabann is the place to thrive in music.

At Kabann, we have a very unique way of moving forward and growing up. I like to think of it as a huge puzzle. It’s a teamwork kind of thing. It’s all about, us, building that relationship with you, the client and our fellow artist collaborators. But most importantly, it’s all about building that link between you as a client, and the artist you are hiring too.

Music is about sharing, creating, expressing your emotions, precision and practice. Music expresses what cannot be put in words. It’s a piece of art that goes through the ears straight to the heart.